The ELIOS Lab is a research group working on electronic system applications in different domains, especially games, intelligent transportation systems and health. A major focus is in Internet of Things, edge and cloud computing, database management, machine learning. In these fields, the ELIOS Lab has participated in a number of industrial research projects at international and national level.

Serious Games Technology

The ELIOS Lab has designed and implemented serious games and enabling technologies for gaming and learning.
Prof. Alessandro De Gloria was the coordinator of Games and Learning Alliance (Gala) EU Network of Excellence (2010-2014). He is has been the founding president, and currently is the emeritus president, of the Serious Games Society, an international cultural association aimed at supporting research and development on Serious Games.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The ELIOS Lab has partecipated in several EU projects, where it has developed advanced Human-machine Interaction, vision systems, safety system models, and serious games for improving the driver behaviour.

Internet of Things

The ELIOS Lab is developing microcontroller-based solutions processing, also through machine learning algorithms, information from a variety of sensors, and making it available on the cloud, according to the edge-computing paradigm.


The ELIOS Lab has developed cloud-based services for reliably storing and managing health-related information from heterogeneous sources. We have also designed and implemented sensor systems for healthcare, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Current Funded Projects

Addressing challenges towards the deployment of higher automation


2021-2024 / EU H2020 / AUTOMOTIVE 

Hi-Drive addresses a number of key challenges, which are currently hindering the progress of developments in vehicle automation. Our key aim is to advance the state of the art of Automated Driving (AD) technologies. We focus on testing, demonstrating, and evaluating robust high automation functions in a large set of traffic environments, not currently achievable:. Elios Lab is responsible for the workpackage about Machine Learning. [More info]

Past Projects

L3 Pilot Driving Automation (L3P)

2017-2021 / EU H2020 / AUTOMOTIVE 

The project will perform large-scale piloting of automated driving with developed SAE Level 3 and Level 4 functions in passenger cars. Tests will expose them to different users, mixed traffic environments, including conventional vehicles and vulnerable road users. Elios Lab is responsible for developing the database for storing and retrieving L3 automation car data. [More info]

automotive Digital Assistant (ADINA)

2020-2021 / EU FESR / IOT

A voice controlled assistant capable to run without internet connection and on resource constrained embedded systems. The application domain will be the automotive environment.

Health@Home (H@H)

2014-2019 / MIUR / IOT

A cloud based infrastructure to develop services for people with different level of disease, Elios Lab is responsible of the work-package for the design and development of the cloud API to access services. [More info]

Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles (Fabric)

2014-2018 / EU FP7 / AUTOMOTIVE

Feasibility analysis of on-road charging technologies for long term electric vehicle range extension. Elios Lab is engaged in developing solutions for dynamically-rechargable electrical vehicle navigation. [More info]

Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility (TEAM)

2012-2016 / EU FP7 / AUTOMOTIVE

Cooperative systems and applications for low-carbon multi-modal mobility and transportation. Elios Lab is responsible for the design and development of a serious game for green driving. [More info]

Embedded Multi-Core systems for Mixed Criticality applications in dynamic and chan (EMC2)

2014-2016 / Artemis / AUTOMOTIVE

The projects finds solutions for dynamic adaptability in open systems, provides handling of mixed criticality applications under real-time conditions, scalability and utmost flexibility, full scale deployment and management of integrated tool chains, through the entire lifecycle. Elios Lab is engaged in automotive system meta-modeling, applying the ISO 26262 standard. [More info]

Critical System Engineering Acceleration (Crystal)

2013-2016 / Artemis / AUTOMOTIVE

Critical system engineering acceleration. Elios Lab is engaged in system meta-modeling and simulation for functional safety. [More info]

Platform for integrated urban mobility management (Plug-in)

2014-2016 / Siit / AUTOMOTIVE

Elios Lab is engaged in developing a simulation of a system based on vehicle-infrastructure collaboration for monitoring vehicles approaching road-work areas. [More info]

Game and Learning Alliance (GALA)

2010-2014 / EU FP7 / GAMES

European Network of Excellence (NoE) on Serious Games. The NoE has developed research-support tools and methodologies and launched a peer reviewed scientific and technological journal and conference. The aims of the project are now carried out at world level by the Serious Games Society (href:// Elios Lab has been the coordinator of the project. [More info]

Fish Canning Game (iFood)

2013-2014 / EU Project ISEKI_Food 4 / GAMES

iFOOD is an educational game to enable higher education students in Food studies to “learn-by-playing” some of the key concepts of food safety and quality in fish canning. Elios is the responsible for the game design and implementation using the Unity3D technology. [More info]

Entrepreneurship through Serious Game (eSG)

2011-2013 / EU LifeLong Learning Programme / GAMES

Design deployment and assessment of a short course on promotion of entrepreneurship at Higher Education level through serious games. Elios Lab (Prof. De Gloria) has been the coordinator of the project. [More info]

Vital Mind (VM)

2008-2011 / EU FP7 / GAMES

Brain training applications on interactive digital TV. Elios Lab has been the responsible for the design of interactive Digital TV applications for cognitive training for elderly people. [More info]


2006-2010 / EU FP6 / GAMES

Design and development of a platform for networked games. Elios Lab has been the responsible for the development of the testing methodology and deployment framework. [More info]

Cooperative vehicles and road infrastructure for road safety (Safespot)

2006-2010 / EU FP6 / AUTOMOTIVE

Cooperative applications based on vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication for road safety. Elios Lab has been the responsible of the workpackage for the development of cooperative vehicle-infrastructure applications. [More info]

Travel in Europe (TiE)

2006-2009 / EU Culture / GAMES

Design and development of an online platform for Cultural Heritage Serious Gaming. Elios Lab was the coordinator of the project. [More info]

Educational Application on interactive TV (ELU)

2006-2008 / EU FP6 / GAMES

Elios Lab has been the responsible for the design and development of the framework for the production and deployment of multimedia educational applications on interactive Digital TV. [More info]

Advanced Cooperative Info-mobility System (ACIS)

2006-2008 / Siit / AUTOMOTIVE

ICT-based solutions for enhancing ports and maritime communications. Elios Lab was engaged in developing a traffic management module. [More info]

Adaptive Integrated driver-vehicle interface (AIDE)

2004-2008 / EU FP6

Development of adaptive integrated driver-vehicle interfaces. Elios Lab has been the responsible for the development of the safety scheduler for driver information and of the dynamically configurable dashboard for the FIAT and SEAT prototypes. [More info]

Cultural Heritage Interactive (Chi:Kho)

2004-2005 / EU Culture / GAMES

Development of an online serious game for promoting the cultural heritage for the youngsters. Elios Lab (Prof. De Gloria) was the coordinator of the project. [More info]

Enhanced driver’s perception in poor visibility (Edel)

2002-2005 / EU FP5 / AUTOMOTIVE

New generation automotive illumination systems. Elios Lab led the implementation of a SVM-based pedestrian recognition system based on NIR night-vision sensors. [More info]

Communication Multimedia Unit inside Car (Comunicar)

2000-2004 / EU FP5 / AUTOMOTIVE

Safety-mediated driver-vehicle interaction. Elios Lab led the development of the context-aware Driver Information Manager and vehicle configurable dashboard (Alfa and Volvo prototypes). [More info]


1998-2000 / EU FP5 / AUTOMOTIVE

Configurable dashboards for vehicles. Elios Lab designed and developed the configurable automotive dashboard on LCDs for the Lancia K prototype. [More info]