Master’s courses

Computer Graphics Architectures, Games and Simulation

Prof. Alessandro De Gloria

This course will be a hands-on class on advanced digital games and computer graphics. It will cover major aspects 3D modeling, computer animation, rendering, game mechanics. The goal of the course is to provide a strong foundation for games and computer graphics principles, and provide a hands-on introduction to professional tools, e.g., Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Unity 3D, Microsoft XNA.

Cyber Phisical Systems

Prof. Francesco Bellotti

The course provides an introduction to system engineering (requirement engineering, product life-cycle management, modeling, simulation and performance analysis) in the cyberphysical system domain.

Computational Intelligence in the internet of things

Prof. Francesco Bellotti

The goal of the course is to provide the students with operational expertise in design and development of intelligent systems based on the Internet of things (IoT). The second part is about artificial intelligence techniques (neural networks, genetic algorithms, SVM, simulated annealing, etc.). Applications and projects are foreseen in several areas of IoT, such as mobility, health, energy management, etc.

Autonomous Agents in Games

Prof. Riccardo Berta

The focus of this course will be on the use of AI techniques for generating efficient intelligent behavior in games, with a special attention on improving game play experience.

Machine Learning

Prof. Riccardo Berta

 The aim of the course is to provide the basis for the design and development of classification and regression software algorithms. The student is introduced to different concepts of machine learning (linear models, decision trees, ensemble learning, artificial neural networks, etc.) and supported through extensive exercises during lectures exploiting several software library in Python (NumPy, Pandas, SciKitLearn e TensorFlow). The last part of the course will be focused on the model deployment on embedded systems.

Bachelor’s courses

Digital System Electronics

Prof. Riccardo Berta

The course provides the foundations for digital system analisys and design. We start from Boolean algebra and binary arithmetic, arriving to sequential networks design, using the Finite State Machines model and ASM diagrams.

Makers approach for electronic design

Prof. Riccardo Berta

This course looks at the Internet of Things (IoT) as the general theme of physical/real-world things becoming increasingly visible and actionable via Internet and Web technologies. The goal of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the IoT.